I’ve had a www.gofasterstripe.com binge. Bought @andrewcollins audiobook, Baba Brinkmans “Rap Guide To Human Nature” and Simon Munnery/Kevin Eldons “Mr Bartlett and Mr Willis”.

I’ve had a www.gofasterstripe.com binge. Bought @andrewcollins audiobook, Baba Brinkmans “Rap Guide To Human Nature” and Simon Munnery/Kevin Eldons “Mr Bartlett and Mr Willis”.

Does anyone else think this bit of cheese I drew looks a little like Andrew Collins?

Go Faster Stripe and their wonderful things.

Go Faster Stripe is a little Wales based company that sell comedy DVDs of brilliant but often cruelly ignored comedians. And they have an impressive array of comedians on their books. Their first DVD was “Stewart Lee - 90s Comedian" which was released around 2007, since then they have made DVDs for; Richard Herring, Tony Law, Robin Ince, Wil Hodgson, Simon Munnery, Kevin Eldon and more.

The company owner, Chris Evans (Not That One), describes the genesis of Go Faster Stripe on their website thusly

I saw Stewart Lee’s 90s Comedian in Cardiff. It was fantastic - so good in fact that I wanted to buy it and take it home. My then girlfriend bought me Stew’s DVD for Christmas, it was great, but of the previous year’s show. So, I took a look at Stew’s website, and on it he said that there would be no follow up release, as no one bought the current DVD.

That’s a shame, I thought. And then I had a bath and I had this idea. I work at Chapter Arts Centre, and they have a nice theatre. I’ve a couple of friends that are cameramen, and someone else I know knows all about sound, and one of my cameramen friends is married to an editor.

I wrote to Stewart Lee, and told him that we could record his DVD, and to his great credit, he said he would come to Cardiff for a day to give it a go. I think it surprised all of us when it came out rather well.

So, we decided to offer it for sale. We thought we’d do it as cheaply as we could.
We are fed up of seeing great comedy disappear into the ether, and so decided to save some. And to try and sell it. There may be sound financial and moral reasons why certain shows do not get recorded, but we don’t care about them.

Go Faster Stripes early releases have that great feeling to them, like when a friend recommends an album and you end up not only liking it, but loving it so much that you wish you’d been the person to recommend it to them.

In the last few years Go Faster Stripe has really taken off. They have increased their work load so much that its almost too hard to keep up. They have also branched out from just doing DVDs having realised both Books, downloads and CDs too. They also purchased the distribution rights and for the 90’s TV show ‘Fist Of Fun' as the BBC strangely refused to release it themselves. And their last two productions for Richard Herring have both been available in stops too, though if you buy them on line you get an additional disc of extras too.

Here are a few of my favorite items…

Tony Law - An Hour & Some Of Tony Law

This was my introduction to Tony Laws insane freewheeling style. It’s was certainly ‘jumping in at the deep end’ but laughed so hard my throat hurt.

Stewart Lee - What Would Judas Do

A three CD set of Stewart Lee’s show on the last days Christ as told from the point of view of Judas. These are three fairly low fi audio recordings but of a brilliantly clever show.

Simon Munnery - Hello

Simon Munnery is one of the best acts on the circuit. This DVD is an amalgamation of three of Simon Munnerys Edinburgh Festival AGM shows.

So do check out their website, as the more stuff you buy from them the more they can make.